How to improve pets hair loss and skin problems

Why do cats and dogs shed hair?

During the change of seasons in autumn and winter, cats and dogs will experience static electricity, a lot of hair loss and other natural phenomena; daily improper diet and malnutrition can also cause hair loss; bathing too frequently can disrupt the pH balance of the skin and cause hair loss; because of the skin The phenomenon of disease causing hair loss is also widespread.

How to improve pets hair loss and skin problems

1. Regularly comb the pet's hair, once or twice a day, let the naturally fallen hair attach to the comb and dispose of it at one time; and it can promote the pet's blood circulation and enhance the skin resistance.

2. To bathe pets regularly, be sure to use pet-specific toiletries, and help them to dry their hair after bathing.

The bathing cycle is generally 7-10 days, and 15-20 days in autumn and winter. Regular bathing can keep the skin clean and effectively prevent the invasion of parasites.

3. Pay attention to pet foot care. Pets go out for a walk every day, and their foot pads become rough and dry. Especially in the dry autumn and winter seasons, dogs will start to chew their paws if they feel discomfort in the soles of their feet. This can cause skin problems such as cracked pads and interdigital inflammation.

Give them a foot massage every day to help the skin repair, improve rough toes, chapped toes and other problems; inhibit the growth of bacteria, but also effectively improve pet foot odor.

Cats and dogs are not only our pets, but also our family and friends. In addition to grooming and bathing them, you should also take them out to bask in the sun every day, pay attention to their diet, and give them a clean and comfortable environment.