HiFuzzyPet Automatic Foaming Dog Bath Brush with Soap Dispenser


This dog bath brush helps promote metabolism, soothe the pet's body and spirit, and give your pet a comfortable bathing experience.
You can do a spa for your pet at home without visiting a pet store. 

Reasons for Getting this Pet Shampoo Brush:

  • Waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Making rich foamy bubbles at the push of a button.
  • Portable and lightweight design for flexible control right in hand.
  • The ultra-soft silicone bristles provide a thorough cleanse and a soothing massage.

Reasons for Getting this Pet Shampoo Brush


【Skin-Friendly & Comfortable】- The dog scrubber for bath features high-elastic silicone soft brush teeth, made of safe, non-toxic material, harmless to pet skin, achieving a massage effect in the bathing process (note: it is not an automatic massage brush).
At the same time, it penetrates pet fur, less damage to dog and cat skin, making bathing efficient and healthy.

【Strong Gravity Suction Head】- Automatic bubble dog bath brush with a suction head that can stably absorb lotion from multiple angles, efficiently converting shampoo into evenly and fine bubbles. 

this dog bath brush cna penetrates pet fur, less damage to dog cat skin

【Anti-slip Handle & Waterproof】- The dog shower brush is IPX6 level waterproof, and the handle is combined with an ergonomic design, which is comfortable to hold and does not slip in bathing.

【Low Noise】- The fur-ever clean soap dispenser bath brush prevents your pet from being deterred by a sudden noise. It also helps keep your pet calm while grooming and making pets feel at ease.

dog bath shampoo brush details

 【Save Time & Money in Bathing】- The lotion bottle is visualized with shampoo and water lines (the total volume of the lotion is 300ml, and the maximum volume of the shower gel is 30ml).
There is no need to worry about causing a lot of waste of shampoo or insufficient during bathing.

【Convenient to Use】- This bath brush for dogs and cats is wireless, handheld, and lightweight that can be used at home and outdoors (yards, gardens, campsites, parks, seaside, etc.) without scene restrictions.

the automatic dog bath brush can be used at home and outdoors without scene restrictions


Material: ABS+Silicone

Waterproof Grade: IPX6

Lithium Battery: 1000mAh

USB Recharge: Use 8-10 times at full power

Package Includes: 

1* Automatic pet shampoo brush
1* USB charging cable

Size Chart: 4.6"*3.7"*9.6"/ 117*95*245mm

Tips: Please rinse the fuselage in the off state

this dog bath brush can save time & money in bathing