HiFuzzyPet Soft PU Leather AirTag Dog Collar with D-ring


Wearing this AirTag dog collar - Save your time and keep your pets safe anytime anywhere.
Comfort and practicability AirTag holder dog collar are worth your choice.

airtag dog collar


- Operating Principle -
Our AirTag dog collar features a special built-in compartment for your Airtag that makes it easy to keep an AirTag on your dog at all times.

At the same time, We use heavy-duty buttons, and a durable strap to ensure your AirTag stays securely on our collar.

- Reinforced Stable Design-
The AirTag Collar for dogs has added featuring metal insertions button that will not rust or irritate your dog’s skin, and maximize the adjustment effect of the collar.

In addition, there are two premium lock loops where the collar slides that they will not loosen easily, and can fix the extra protruding leash well. You don't have to worry about the dog pulling the collar off and chewing.

airtag dog collar details

- Long Lasting Comfort -
We use a durable nylon weave for the base of the AirTag dog collar to make it breathable, comfortable and combined with reinforced PU leather.

The metal D-ring makes the traction process strong and not easy to break.

- Integrated Design -
This Dog collar has a protective case for Airtag, no need to buy an additional Airtag holder.

Airtag dog collar details

- Use in Any Weather -
We designed our dog collar AirTag holder to keep the AirTag safe from the elements. The PU leather holder on our air tag collar surrounds the AirTag to protect it from rain, wind, and snow.

- Real-Time GPS Tracking -
Our pet leather collars are compatible with Apple AirTag, insert the AirTag into this double buckle custom-designed dog collar, no matter where your dog is playing, you can track your dog's location in real-time and find it easily.

GPS airtag dog collar

Add an AirTag to our collar:

airtag dog collar use step

1. Pair the AirTag and unclasp the buttons on our collar.
2. Place the AirTag into the holder on our collar.
3. Slide the strap through the loop on our collar.
4. Button our collar to secure the AirTag.


Material: PU leather+Nylon

Color: Brown/ Black/ Green/ Pink/ Blue

Suit Dog's Weight:

S: Suit for 22-55lb
M: Suit for 51-66lb
L: Suit for 62-88lb

airtag dog collar size chart

Important sizing note: To assure accurate fit it is highly recommended to measure the dog's neck prior to ordering!

Package Includes:

1* AirTag Dog Collar (excluding AirTag)

airtag dog collar diaplay