HiFuzzyPet Anti Anxiety Dog Noise-Cancelling Earmuffs Hearing Protection


Dogs' hearing is just as sensitive as humans, and they need to be protected just like humans.
Our dog earmuffs are designed to protect your dog's hearing and reduce the impact of noise on your dog which allows the dog to quickly adapt and calm down.

protect your dog's hearing with noise-cancelling dog earmuffs


Reliable Material: The dog earmuff adopts a durable ABS shell, patches, and sound insulation cotton material. The dog hearing protection selects PU cortical material and gel to keep soft and friendly to the dog skin.

At the same time, the full ear protection structure can avoid the dogs' ears overheated in hot and dry environments when worn for a long time.

Triangle Earmuff Design: The shape of the earmuffs is designed according to the characteristics of the dog's head. It fits the dog's head perfectly, and the dog is not only comfortable to wear, but also has a very good sound insulation effect.

high-quality dog earmuffs details

Adjustable Strap: This dog earmuff's headband is adjustable to fit dogs of different sizes. It is very light and easy to carry and can be worn by your dog anytime or anywhere.

Comfortable & Lightweight: The dog ear muffs are based on animal engineering, earplugs fit snugly are lightweight, and are only 0.55 pounds. The dog will not feel any pressure on its ears.

Hearing Protection: The dog noise-canceling earmuffs are made of high-density sound-absorbing foam for excellent noise reduction. They also have a soft cushion insert to reduce resonance and protect the dog's hearing.

dog earmuffs for hearing protection

Great Hearing Protection for Dogs: Dogs have very sensitive hearing. Many noisy scenes like fireworks, thundering, shooting games, late-night parties, and calming down when sick in daily life need a dog ear cover to protect dogs' hearing.

use dog earmuffs in multiple scenarios


Product Name: Dog noise-canceling earmuffs

Pet Type: Medium and large-sized dogs

Typically Dog Weight: 40-100lbs/18-45kg

Color: Black, Camouflage

Material: High-density soundproofing sponge + PU + Gel

Outer Size: 3.9"*3.9"/10*10 cm

Inner Size: 2.6"*2.6"/ 6.5*6.5 cm

Head Circumference: 15"-25"/ 38-63cm

Package Includes: A pair of dog earmuffs

dog earmuffs size chart

Warm Tips:

1. Please use these earmuffs in a noisy environment. It can reduce noise and protect your dog's hearing.

2. In Some dogs have smooth hair and skin, and the earmuffs will slide slightly when they are walking which is normal.