HiFuzzyPet Round Fluffy Cat Bed, Pet Bed Calming Cave Bed


Our calming pet bed is made of soft plush to ensure your furry friend is surrounded by comfort. Your pet will be free to step and lie down and fall in love with it.
Also, the soft and comfortable high-elastic cotton pet cat and dog bed will give your pet a good night's sleep.

1. The covered cat bed is a good thing for animals that hide or dig.

2. Creates a good sense of security for your pet.

3. Provides all-around comfort and helps relieve muscle and joint stress, pain, and discomfort.

cat bed cave give your pet a good night's sleep.


Warmth and Comfort: The interior of the cat bed is filled with PP cotton which is fluffy and textured, warm and comfortable, and it is not easy to collapse after long-term use. The surface of the cat bed is made of plush fabric to keep warm and not easy to shed hair.

Waterproof & Non-Slip Sticky Beads Bottom: The non-slip particle design at the bottom of the cat bed prevents the cat bed from sliding easily and keeps your pet in a stable and safe environment. 

anti-anxiety fluffy plush cat bed details

High-Quality PP Cotton Filler: Our long plush pet bed is stuffed with high-elastic PP cotton, and is comfortable and breathable. keep the pet bed warm and comfortable.

cat bed cave with high elastic PP cotton

Semi-enclosed design: The semi-enclosed design of the cat nest provides privacy for pets, making them feel safe and protected. The plush doughnut shape with a lid allows your cat to curl up completely.
At the same time, the top cover can be laid flat to lie on, but also the cover can be kept open to make it easy for pets to get in and out.

Anti-Anxiety & Calming: The donut-shaped pet beds allow pets to be curled up, while raised edges create a sense of security and provide head and neck support so pets can quickly into a relaxed state.

semi-enclosed cat bed with two use ways

Easy to Clean: The whole cat bed can be washed with water, and the inner cushion can be removed and washed separately. The double-sided inner pad is comfortable and soft, and it is not easy to deform, which is very suitable for pets.


Material: Plush+Crystal Plush+PP Cotton+Oxford Bottom

Style: Brown Bear, Grey Rabbit, Green Dinosaur

Great for pets who like to curl up or burrow


Completely machine washable(Recommend hand washing)
Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry and low heat.

Package Includes: 1* Calming cat bed

Size Chart:

semi-enclosed cat bed size chart

Note: Not Suitable For Pets With Excessive Teething Or Destructive Chewing Behavior.