HiFuzzyPet Corrugated Cardboard Cat House with Scratcher, Cat Play House


Cardboard cat house is here to satisfy your cat's scratching needs!
Stop your cat scratching up your furniture.
Keep claws trimmed, well maintained, strong, and healthy. 


Spacious Dimensions - This cat hideaway has a spacious room that makes your cats get in and out comfortably. Features 4 windows for your cat to peek through. The triangle roof offers your kitty big space.

Exquisite Patten Design - In order to make you and your cat like it, we have added cute graphics and colors to the cat house.
It can not only be used as a shelter for cats but also can add color to your room to keep cats entertaining and keep away from the furniture.

For Rest & Play - This cat cardboard house is not only a cat playhouse for resting and napping but also a cat scratcher board for exercising and playing.

The scratcher house provides a hideaway place for your cats to play and rest. 

Scratch Pad - The removable corrugated scratcher board helps to promote paw health and fulfill your cat's natural instincts and provide enrichment in your home.

At the same time, cat cardboard corrugated texture helps groom their nails as they dig in and keeps your scratching board for the cat fresh at all times.

cardboard cat house function description

Strong But Light - Once assembled, the cardboard house is stable and will withstand all the playing your kitty loves to do. At the same time, the cardboard is lightweight and easy to move around if needed.

Tool Free Assembly  - Only two pieces of cardboard make it easy for you to assemble. You can get an amazing cat cottage and scratcher for your paw friends in just a few minutes without the help of glues or other tools.

cardboard cat house installation


Material: Corrugated cardboard


Very sturdy and easy to build
Sustainable and non-toxic
Durable, sturdy, and safe

Color: Pink/ Purple/ Green

Suitable for cats under 16.5lb/ 7.5kg

Size: 18.1"*13.0"*15.7"/ 46*33*40cm (L*W*H)

Weight: 2.2lb/ 1kg

Model Display:


Discontinue use if the toy is damaged.

Please measure your cat to make sure it fits.

Supervise your pet when using the cardboard cat house.

The installation instructions QR code is printed on the enclosed box.

Package Includes:

1* Cute Cardboard Cat House

cute cardboard cat house