HiFuzzyPet Professional Cat Recovery Suit for Abdominal Wounds


The cat recovery suit will be your pet's partner and make the recovery process easy and pleasant for pets!

Cat recovery suit fit and flexibility


【Cozy & Soft Fabric】The cat recovery suit is made from upgrade cotton & spandex blend. It is breathable, comfortable, and durable which helps the wound to heal safely and creates a comfortable wearing experience for your cat during the postoperative recovery period.

【Abdominal Wound Protector】Our pet recovery suit provides comprehensive protection for the cats which keeps them from licking or scratching at the wounds and protects your cat from secondary damage after undergoing surgical trauma.

Cat recovery suit detail

【 U-shaped & Limb binding】The kitten surgery recovery wear has a big opening at the rear enabling cats to use the litter tray without opening the recovery suit. At the same time, the limbs are edge-design, which is wear-resistant. 

【Magic Tape Around Legs and Back】The cat post-operative jumpsuit features a velcro design to fit the pets great and your pets will not be feeling bound. 

The large magic sticker on the back and legs of the recovery suit for kittens makes it easy for your pet to put on and take off so that it takes you only a few minutes to do that.

Cat recovery suit easy to take on and off

【Close-fitting Fit】The close-fitting fit brings warmth. The cat is like in the owner's arms, psychologically appeases the injured cats, and plays postoperative stability. 

Cat recovery suit can resize with velcro

Effective Assistance:

  • Allergies, skin diseases, or infections.
  • Protect the pet's abdominal surgical wound.
  • Cat needs to keep warm. Such as after shaving.
  • The kitten is weaned, and they the avoid the cat from licking.

Cat recovery suit function description


Material: Cotton+spandex (Micro elasticity)

Style: Lemon/ Watermelon

Suit for cats and small dogs

Size (Measuring in chest and back length) :

S:3.3-5.5lbs (3-5kg)

M: 5.5-7.7lbs (5-7kg)

L: 7.7-13.2lbs (7-12kg)

XL: 13.2-16.5lbs (12-15kg) 

Cat recovery suti size chart


1. If your cat avoids wearing it, please know that is normal that cats may break free and go around when they just put them on.

2. Please measure your pet carefully before purchase, if the measurement is close to the end of the size range, go up to the large size.

Package Includes: 1* Cat Recovery Suit

Cat recovery suti