HiFuzzyPet Retractable Cat Teaser Wand Toy, Cat Feather Wand


The cat wand toy is a great way to keep your cat healthy and fit for life!
Promote activity and mental stimulation.
Fulfill natural hunting instincts.
Release their energy.
Aid in food digestion.


【 Upgraded Hand-operated Pulley 】An innovative design for this cat wand toy with a pulley enjoys smoothly winding the handle to adjust the string's length, and then fix the length by locking the secure buckle which is convenient for your interaction with your feline friends.

【Comfortable Grip 】The grip of the cat wand is covered by a soft sponge pad which is non-slip, humanized, and easy to hold when playing with your beloved pet.

【Telescopic Rod Design 】The cat wand is retractable, and different rod length helps your cats to flip, jump, pounce, chase and prowl this cat teaser wand toy.
It can easily extend from 14.6'' to 39.4'' which gives you plenty of freedom to tease your felidae whether you sit on the sofa or be close to him.

【Lifelike "Baits"】The cat's interactive tail is made of high-quality fox fur which is resistant to bite and shedding.
The tail is equipped with a detachable low volume call-to-action bell, which will never do any damage to the cat's hearing.

【High-Quality Elastic Steel Wire】This cat wand is made of high-quality elastic stainless steel that is flexible, durable, and easy to control. 

【Interaction】For kittens and cats of all ages and sizes! A great toy to spend some quality time with your feline friend! You'll have fun and they will love you.

【 Multiple Benefits】The cat wand toy is designed to satisfy cats' scratching instinct, helping relieve stress and increase exercise, bringing cats healthy claws.


Material: ABS+Sponge+Carbon steel wire+Fox Fur

Retractable Pole
Retractable Fishing Pole

Unique spinning reel
Telescopic wand
Easy to store

Maintain: Clean with a wet wipe

Package Includes: 

1* Cat wand
1* Interactive Fox Tail 

Size Chart:

Retractable Pole:

Pole Length: 
Before telescopic: 14.6"/37cm
After telescoping: 39.4"/100cm

Interactive Fox Tail Toy Length: 9.8"/ 25cm

Retractable Fishing Pole:

Pole Length: 
Before telescopic: 15.7"/ 40cm
After telescoping: 29.1"/ 74cm

Fishing Line Length: 43.3"/ 110cm

Interactive Fox Tail Toy Length: 9.8"/ 25cm


1. Replace broken toys timely for the safety of your pets.

2. Supervise pets during play to avoid ingestion of small parts.