HiFuzzyPet Adjustable Dog Elbow Protector Pads, Canine Front Leg Brace


The dog's elbow pads provide elbow support and protection in all positions - standing, walking, running, jumping, sitting, or lying down.

comfortable and flexible dog elbow pads

Dog Elbow Protector Pads Effects:

Pain relief: The brace increases the joint's temperature helping to reduce the inflammation.
Protection: The extra-thick patch protects the articulation from impacts and hard surfaces.
Fast recovery: It increases performance and the recovery time improves.
Mobility: The muscular activity of the joint is stimulated.

Vet Recommended for:

Hygromas and bursitis
Elbow dysplasia
Elbow osteoarthritis
Proprioceptive deficits
Instability and joint hypermobility

Dog Elbow Protector Pads Effects


Soft & Breathable Fabric:
The dog elbow pad makes high-performance neoprene which offers enhanced elasticity for a good adaptation to the doglegs.

And it is designed and manufactured to provide superior support and comfort without compromising the dog's mobility.

Easily Adjustable & Supportive:
The fully adjustable velcro strap is strong which allows the user to find the perfect fit, and avoid slipping during even active motions.

Easy Fitting and Removal:
With an adjustable elastic bandage on the shoulder, it can quickly dress and undress your dog, Dog elbow brace provides a snug fit to prevent your dog from wiggling out.

 dog elbow pads details

Pain Relief & Fast Recovery:
Dog front leg brace reduces pain caused by osteoarthritis, instability, elbow dysplasia, and elbow-related pathologies, by increasing the joint's temperature and helping to reduce the inflammation.

Optimal joint temperature increases blood circulation and improves oxygen delivery for a fast recovery.

Gentle Pressure/Calming Effect:
The elbow protector goes over your dog’s back and around the chest and flank to provide light compression guarantees stability and improves balance among the muscle groups for full support and avoids injuries from turning into serious conditions. 

multifunction dog elbow pads for pain relief


Material: Neoprene (Diving material) + Velcro
Color: Black
Feature: Shockproof/Heat preservation/Elastic 
Maintain: Hand wash

Size: S/ M/ L

Package Includes: 1* dog elbow protector pads

dog elbow protector pads size chart


1. Size Suggestions - If the measurement matches both sizes, choose the large one.

2. Have time to remove the leg brace 2-3 times every day to allow the legs to breathe and rest.