HiFuzzyPet 2-Pack Rear Dog Leg Hock Brace with Reflective Straps


The hind hock joint brace provides joint support for your pet to help you cope with injuries and conditions that may reduce mobility.

Total Pet Protection-
Improve stability and mobility
Prevent leg injuries and sprains
Provide rear leg and hock support
Assist in reducing the inflammation
Help in wound healing and injury recovery
Provide support and stabilization during the injury

dog leg brace function description


Easy on Canine’s Skin - Never worry about rubbing or chafing your dog’s skin. We made this CCL / ACL leg brace for dogs with 4mm soft, perforated wool lycra cloth that makes them breathable despite long or repeated use.

Attaches Safely & Securely - With the perfect angle design, this rear leg brace fits the curve of the hock joint that keep it stays in place. At the same time, 2 reflective straps can keep your pets visible in the dark.

Adjustable Design - The dog rear leg braces support is available in 5 sizes. An adjustable dog leg brace with velcro helps you tighten or loosen the stand for the desired effect.

dog leg brace details

Heal Injury Fast - The dog hock brace can help pet wounds develop and heal fast while maintaining flexibility and comfort for your dog.
Once the joint is supported medially and laterally, your dog can move easily without straining the hocks.

360º Support & Stabilizes Rear Legs- A dog with a leg injury is prone to secondary injuries when jumping or running, so it needs a dog brace to prevent serious injuries.
The dog brace for the back leg can ensure stability and improve the balance between the muscle groups to provide comprehensive support and prevent the injury from evolving into a serious situation.

dog leg brace show


1. Remove the sheath 2-3 times a day and let the wound breathe for 10-15 minutes each time

2. When washing the brace, please hand wash and let it dry naturally.

3. If the wound is serious, simply wrap the wound with gauze and then wrap it with our dog leg guard to prevent licking and chewing the wound.

dog leg brace use step


Material: Perforated OK Cloth (Neoprene+Nylon)

Shockproof/Heat preservation/Elastic 

Color: Black

Suit for all-size dogs. (Universal for front and rear legs)


Size Leg Circumference Brace Height
XS 3.15"/8cm 2.75"/7cm
S 3.54"/9cm 3.15"/8cm
M 4.13"/10.5cm 3.74"/9.5cm
 L 5.12"/13cm 4.72"/12cm
XL 6.10"/15.5 5.51"/14


Leg Circumference: Loosely measure the leg girth 1" above the hock joint.

dog leg brace measurement

Please Note: That this product is designed for leg hock support, not for the knee area (upper leg).

Package Includes: A pair of dog hock braces (Left foot+Right foot)

dog leg brece display