HiFuzzyPet Basket Dog Muzzle with Movable Cover


Surprising benefits of our dog muzzles:

1. Good for skittish dogs
2. Can help with grooming
3. Prevent your dog from eating garbage
4. Re-training aggressive dogs and preventing biting


Stop Bad Habits - Ergonomically designed muzzle offers a safe and humane way to prevent your dog from biting, chewing, and licking wounds. 

Dog-friendly Material - The dog muzzle is made of soft rubber that is extremely lightweight, soft, and comfortable yet strong and durable. 

The smooth surface of our dog cage muzzles gives all-around protection for biting or snappy dogs. This high ventilation muzzle provides the ultimate comfort and safety for your dogs.

Moveable Cover - There is an optional open/closed feature for this humane dog muzzle, which can be covered or uncovered in the gap of the bottom muzzle, ensuring your dog won't scavenge food or other items with this in place.

At the same time, leave enough space to ensure that your dog can drink and pant safely.

Suitable for long-snout aggressive dogs, dog park socialization, grooming, vet visits, training, traveling, and walking.

Escape-proof Design - Ergonomically designed safety straps ensure dog mouth cover will remain securely in place. It has five attachment options for extra safety.

The adjustable nylon neck strap designed with the quick-release buckle allows you to quickly adjust the size to fit your dog. The right size is important for your dog's comfort with the muzzle on.



Material: Rubber+Nylon

Color: Black

Package Includes: 1* dog muzzle

Measurement(S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL):

Size Snout Circumference Snout Length Suitable Weight
S 6.7"-7.9"/17-20cm 2.0"-2.4"/5-6cm 5.5-14.3lbs/2.5-6.5kg
M 8.3"-9.4"/21-21cm 2.4"-2.8"/6-7cm 14.3-22.0lbs/6.5-10kg
L 9.8"-11.4"/25-29cm 2.8"-3.5"/7-9cm 22.0-44.1lbs/10-20kg
XL 11.8"-13.4"/30-34cm 3.5"-4.3"/9-11cm 44.1-77.2lbs/20-35kg
XXL 15.4"-17.0"/39-43cm 4.3"-5.1"/11-13cm  77.2-154.3lbs/35-70kg

Suit for middle, large, extra-large dogs, such as Corgi, Samoyed, Golden and so on.


When fitted properly, your dog should be able to pant and drink while wearing the muzzle.

It’s also important to note that muzzles should never be used as a punishment for a dog.