HiFuzzyPet Height Adjustable Dog Puzzle Toys Dispensing Feeding


Interactive dog puzzle feeder toy! Not only are you adding fun & entertainment to your pet's mealtime it keeps your dog busy and challenged whilst strengthening your dog's cognitive abilities.

  • -Intention-
  • Let pets eat while playing
  • Help fat pets to control their diet to lose weight
  • Encourages pet to eat or drink at a slower pace preventing indigestion, vomiting, and bloating

dog puzzle feeder toy adding fun & entertainment to your pet's mealtime


Top Quality & Safe - This dog puzzle feeder is made of ABS plastic material which is highly durable and non-toxic to help, ensure your dog stays healthy while having fun.
The non-slip design on the bottom makes the toy stable and won't tip over when the pet is eating.

Puzzle Develop Your Pet's Brain - This newly developed treat toy is combined with the slow-eating dog bowl and provides your pet's IQ and brain training while eating.

dog puzzle slower feeder toy details

Great for Small or Medium Dogs - This treat-dispensing toy is a perfect choice for pets which is easily adjustable in height to accommodate either size.

our treat toy height can be adjusted to ensure it fits different dogs

Promotes Healthy Diet - With this interactive training toy your dogs will enjoy the food slowly, avoiding flatulence by overeating. In the meantime, they can entertain themselves, and will not feel bored anymore.

Easy Playing - Your puppy will get the food from the leakage holes(different sizes for different dog food) by turning the top food wheel by paws or noses, then they can seek the food on the puzzle bowls at the bottom.

dog puzzle feeder toy promotes healthy diet

The dog puzzle feeder is very simple to assemble and use:

  1. Simply open up the latch and add some tasty small treats inside.
  2. Adjust the height to one that is suitable for your dog with the handy height adjustment knob.
  3. You can either just watch them learn to turn the wheel by paw or nose to solve the "Quiz" or turn the wheel for them a few times to let them know how it works.

dog puzzle feeder is very simple to assemble and use


Material: ABS

Color: Green, Blue, Pink

Capacity: 150g (Recommended to put 100g food)

Size (Compatible with medium/small pets) : 

Bottom gray slow food bowl:12.6''*9.8''/32*23cm
Green roller leaking hole:0.4'' and 0.6''
Adjustable height:8.2''-9.8''/21-25cm

Package Includes: 1* Pet Puzzle Slower Feeder Toy

Package Includes: 1* Pet Puzzle Slower Feeder Toy