HiFuzzyPet Durable Cat Scratcher Cardboard Bed & Lounger


This cat scratcher cardboard perfectly satisfies cats' natural instincts to scratch, play, and lounge around. At the same time, scratching as a cat's way to play and exercise can sharpen their claws and relieve stress. 

Satisfies cat’s scratching needs.
Give your cat a comfortable and beautiful cat-scratch bed.


Perfect Lounge for Napping: Wavy design can fit the spine well when the kitty curls up on the scratching pad and reduce the pressure on the spine. It also provides good wrapping, so the kitty will get a great sense of security and comfort from it.

Protect Joints and Pads: This oval scratcher cardboard with radian was designed especially for healthy grinding claws, it fits the grip angle of the kitty when grinding claws and would not damage the pads and protect the joints as well. 

Thick and Durable: Multifunctional cat scratching pad is made of high-density corrugated cardboard with characteristics of highly stable and durable which is not easily deformed and has strong compression.

Reversible and Foldable Feature: This cat scratching pad is reversible, both sides can be used that make the scratching life last long. And it can be unfolded for large and long scratching surfaces.

Furniture Hero: Release cats' natural scratching instincts while reducing the risk of damage to your carpets, curtains, or other furniture. Protect your interior furnishings from being destroyed by giving your cats this Long Scratching Pad.


Material: Corrugated paper

Style: Oval, Duck

Animal Type: Cat (About 11lbs)

Features: Claw grinding, play, and rest



Fold: 13.8"*9.8"*5.5"/35*25*14cm
Unfolded: 27.5"*9.8“*4.1”/70*25*10.5cm

Package Includes:

1* Cat Scratcher Cardboard

Tips: Owners can put things with the familiar smell of their cats on the scratching board to make he/she like it as soon as possible.