HiFuzzyPet Reachargeable Interactive Cat Toys, Pet Feather Toy


Prevent your kitty from losing interest in the toy and perfect for those who don’t have time with their cats.

Even if you have a lot of cats in your house, one cat toy is enough can ask his friends to play with him.

Real simulated animal hiding, retractile feather to meet the cat hunting nature.

Real feathers give it a natural feel.


Safe Material - The hard ABS resin is violent and resistant to fall, and the friendly materials are very safe for pets.

Feather Replacement Included - This cat toy comes with 7 feather replacements in total. Change the feather whenever you find the current one damaged.

USB Charging - Charging for 2-3 hours, the magic box can maintain uninterrupted Hide and Seek for 5 hours. Fully ensure that when the owner is not at home, pet friends will always have active toys to accompany. (Another option: 4 AA batteries style)

Whack a mole game - Brightly colorful feather automatic randomly pop out or hide in 7 holes from the top or side of a cat toy. Stir cat's hunting instincts to catch, batting, swat, and pounce feathers.

Automatic Standby and Induction Start - To avoid kittens getting tired of the lure of feather and it will stop automatically after 5 minutes. When a pet approaches within 7 inches, the far-infrared sensor will activate, and the teasing feathers will pop out again.

Multi-scene - With a non-slip mat, strong and anti-falling that can be placed on the ground, sofa, bed, and so on.


Material: ABS body and PC panel

Style: Battery, USB

Applicable Object: Cat

Charging Interface: Type-C

Size: 4.6"*4.6"*2.6"/117*117*65mm (L*W*H)


1. Push the switch at the bottom of the magic box to "on" to enter the standby state.

2. Place the magic box on the horizontal ground and wait for 5 seconds.

3. Cover 2cm of the infrared sensing area (black inverted triangle area) with your palm to trigger the start of the magic box.

 4. The feather heads in the box will pop out of the cave at random and play a hearty chase game with the cat.

5. After the cat stops playing for 5 minutes, the magic box will automatically enter the standby state. When the cat approaches again, the magic box will run again, safe and energy-saving.


Red Led on indicated Charging, LED off full charged.

For cat safety, Please do not let cats play or touch charging cat toys.

Please understand that there may be color differences due to different monitors.

Battery Version Packaging Includes:

1* Interactive Cat Magic Toy Box(Not included battery)

7* Feather

1* Screwdriver

1* User manual

Rechargeable Version Packaging Includes:

1* Interactive Cat Magic Toy Box

7* Feather

1* USB cable

1* User manual