HiFuzzyPet Expandable Large Dog Food Storage Container


The display window makes it easy to know when to refill

Folds down and expands depending on the size needed

Keeps your pets' food fresh and away from insects

Two great color choices to choose from

Moisture-proof seal


Food Grade Material: The dog food storage container is made of BPA-free high-density polyethylene plastic, which is tough and durable. The middle folding part is made of TPR material which is ductile and can be folded repeatedly.

Top Opening: The dog food container has a large pouring mouth diameter making feeding easy. The lid opens silently so the dog is not alerted until you start scooping.

Multi-Purpose: It has a versatile usage being also suitable for loading rice, flour, grain, and dry goods.

Moisture-Proof Box: The built-in desiccant storage can remove the moisture in the storage container and keep the food dry for a long time.

Sealing Ring: The double-layer sealing ring can effectively isolate air and moisture, and prevent the pet container from becoming wet from the entrance.

Rollers: The bottom of the locker is equipped with rollers. You can easily put it anywhere. Just lift it gently, then push and pull, you can store it in the corner.

4 Latches: There are four buckles on the lid, which can strengthen the tightness of the pet food storage container, and at the same time, make the rice bucket stable without spilling when it is moved.


Material: Plastics and TPR

Color: Pink, Green

Size & Capacity:

Before Fold: 13"*8"*14.8"/33*21*37.5cm(L*W*H)
Capacity: 20~35lbs

Folded: 13"*8"*6.3"/33*21*16cm(L*W*H)
Capacity: 10~15lbs

Capacity depends on the size of the food particles

Package Includes:

1* Pet Food Storage Container

1* Measuring Cup