HiFuzzyPet Reflective Hands Free Dog Leashes, One Key Lock & Unlock


This hand free leash for dogs can tie the dog anytime and anywhere to free dog owner’ hands.
For the owner and pets to great enjoy the walking time!
Strong training leash
Unique lock & unlock design

hand free leash for dogs can tie the dog anytime


Ergonomic Grip Design - The ABS dog leash handle can protect your hand from rope burn. It uses a non-slip design that is easy to grasp long grip not tired.
At the same time, there is a metal hanging ring at the bottom of the handle, which can hang a water cup or poop dispenser.

High-quality - The dog leash is made of high-strength nylon and polyester mixed materials, and the flexible nylon construction withstands strong tugging and pulling.

hands free leash for dogs' details

Reflective Trim & Carabiner Enhance Safety - This leash for dogs has a highly reflective design that ensures superior visibility on the road, or adds extra protection during nocturnal walks.
The heavy-duty metal 360° swivel locking carabiner prevents the leash from being unclipped accidentally, twisting, and protects the pet's safety.

Both Adjustable Length - The elastic dog leashes with adjusted length is a perfect balance between freedom and control and the elasticity design gives enough freedom to your dog.
The adjustable buckle of the dog leash grip is designed to tie up your hands so that you don't have to hold the handle.

hands free dog leash details

Convenient & Multifunctional - The dog rope features a releasable buckle to quickly secure your dog wherever you need it. There is a button on the handle that can help you quickly tie the dog and unlock it quickly in one second.

hands free dog leash convenient function


Material: Nylon+Polyester

Color: Black/ White/ Yellow

Scope of use: Small and medium-sized dogs (weight ≥66lb/ 30kg)


Handle Length: 3.8"/ 9.7cm
Handle Diameter: 1.3"/ 3.3cm
Wristband Perimeter: 2"-11.8"/5-30cm (adjustable)
Leash Length: 37.4"-63"/ 95-160cm
Leash Width: 0.6"/1.5cm

Lock & Unlock Step:

hand free dog leash lock & unlock step

1. Press the button
2. Pull out the buckle
3. Tying to any objects

Package Includes:

1* Hands-Free Dog Leash

dog leash hands free diaplay

hands free dog leash function