HiFuzzyPet Candy-Color Silent Hamster Wheel Exercise


Encourage your pets to do sports and keep healthy
Double bearing quiet and stable
Stable & durable base
Anti-slip convex line
Easy installation

Two ways to use it:
Without-stand: Installed in a hamster cage
With-stand: Can be freely placed anywhere


Super Silent Design - Selected premium double bearing ensures a quiet night even if the hamster wheel small or large is spinning at high speed, so wobble will never happen.

Flat Non-slip - 10cm/ 3.9 in wide track, the inner side of the lateral slightly raised anti-skid bar, effectively increases friction, protects the sole of the foot to prevent injury.

Big and Comfort Hamster Wheel - Reasonable size of running grum & wide running track brings a relaxed back feeling, as they do not need to bend their back when running.

Ideal hamster accessories - This candy hamster wheel recreated the color of the candy, which is adorable. The super cute windmill outlook makes your loved pet feel like they're in the fairy tale world.

Easy to Clean - The silent hamster wheel completely can be disassembled for deep cleaning, keeping away from the annoying smell.

Adjustable Height and Acrylic Base - Our quiet spinner running wheel for hamsters is equipped with an acrylic stand, and has a rotating retainer on the back of the wheel that allows you to adjust the height.

Technology integration - This dwarf hamster wheel got a high-tech rational design——Four slits enhance ventilation which means when your hamsters run and exercise, a steady stream of wind helps them cool off.


Material: Plastic and acrylic

Color: Pink/ Blue/ Green/ Purple

Style: Without/ With stand


Adjustable Height : 8.3"-11.4"/21-29cm(With stand-style)
Track Wide: 3.1”/8cm
Diameter: 7.9“/20cm

Adjustable Height : 10.6-13.8"/27-35cm(With stand-style
Track Wide : 3.8”/10cm
Diameter: 10.2“/26cm


1. Please choose the correct running wheel according to the type of hamster.

2. Hamsters all run on the flat ground in the wild, so if they run for a long time when the diameter of running wheels is too small, it hurts their spine.

Package Includes: 

1* Candy-color Hamster Wheel