HiFuzzyPet Cat Wall Shelves, Four Step Cats Stairway


Cats are natural-born climbers
They love to be as high up as possible
The wall-mounted cat stairway is a perfect idea


Natural fun: Cat staircases & pine hammocks give cats a comfortable and free climbing space, wall-mounted furniture doesn't occupy space.

Column of high grade add thick hemp rope: thick hemp rope is contained on every stair, resisting catch, the friction force is very strong, healthy nature.

Strong load-bearing capacity: It can accommodate two small pets or one adult cat, and the products have passed our weight test.

Easy installation: Only need to install screws, which will be installed on the wall can be safe and stable. Provide habitat for pets.

Decorative: This cat-stair and cat-nest hanging on the wall can also decorate your living room, giving your room modern design art.

Material: Wood
Type: Cat Climbing Ladder,Cat Nap Bed(A/C optional)
Cat Nap Bed Size: Approx.39x30.4x24cm/15.4x12x9.4in
Cat Climbing Ladder Size: Approx.39x23x8cm/15.4x9.1x3.1in
Net Weight: 1120-1150g

Package Includes: 1*Cat climbing ladder / 1*Cat nap bed
(The screws required for assembly are included in the package.)

Installation Precautions
1. It is recommended to be installed on solid load-bearing walls and strong Drywall.
2. For drywall it can only be installed on weight-bearing keels with normal screws.
3. Another place of drywall except keels must use special drywall expansion screws (not included).
4. Load capacity is not limited, as it does depend on how well the hammock has been installed and on the quality of the walls it is attached to.

Note: Please allow 1mm errors due to manual measurement.
Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.