HiFuzzyPet Dinosaur Corrugated Cat Scratching Board


This Green cute dinosaur design will be a good decoration for your house. It seems to be back to the age of dinosaurs.


Durable Material: This multipurpose cat scratching pad house is made of high-density corrugated cardboard and edible corn glue.

Unique Pattern: This cute green dinosaur pattern makes this cat hut a good decoration for your home.

Protect Your Furniture: Our cat scratching board can be used as a cat house or a scratching pad to allow your cat to scratch and calm down, protecting your furniture.

Semi-open design: super large interior space, satisfying the cat's hiding nature, vertical cat scratching board, stretching while grinding claws, in line with the characteristics of cats.

Sturdy & Stable: Our cat scratcher board has a sturdy base to prevent your cats from moving while playing. It will not move and ensures the playtime of your cat goes on. And it is strong enough to support the weight of your cat.

Installation Steps:

Product Information:

Material: Corrugated Cardboard.

Suitable: cat.

Weight: 2.4kg.


Packing List:
1*Multipurpose Cat Scratcher Cardboard.


  • Clean the surface of the corrugated board regularly to keep it clean.
  • This product is a consumable product, please replace it after a period of time.
  • This product needs to be kept dry, please do not place it in a humid environment.


  • Due to lighting, angles, or device differences, the actual item might be slightly different in colors and sizes from the pictures.
  • Please allow 1 to 2in inaccuracy, and please consider these factors before your purchase. Such issues are not considered product quality issues.
  • Due to transportation problems, the paper products may be slightly extruded and deformed. There may be gaps between the panels and the corrugated board when assembling, but this does not affect the overall appearance and is not a quality issue.