HiFuzzyPet Dog Lift Harness with Handle, Pet Recovery Sling


When dogs are aging, injured, you Need To Choose A Dog Lift Harness For Your Dog Seriously.

  • Can be disassembled
  • Can be adjustable
  • Can be cleaned
  • Can be rolled up for storage

High Quality: We created this dog sling for different breed dogs, which has a bright silver oxford and nylon fabric exterior design together with a dirty-resistance fleece-lined soft padding.

Make Mobility Easily: Excellent to help your doggy stand up, up and downstairs, get in and out of vehicles, outside for a bathroom break, or to provide some assistance when taking a walk.

Fully Adjustable: Velcro closures provide convenient on/off and a secure, the closures are wide, which is easy to adjust the tightness that it will not slip off. They're comfortable for your canine companion.

Easy to Use&Carry: This lift sling does not get in the way when she needs to "go" and can be moved out of the way easily if needed. After using, just fold and put it into the bag. Machine washable.

Adjustable Heavy-Duty Strap: A nylon band runs through the whole sturdy sling to hold the weight of any breed. Even if your pooches are short or you're tall, this carrier works well for you.

Application of dog auxiliary harness:

  • Older dogs
  • Dogs with weak back legs and difficulty walking
  • Dogs with orthopedic injury or arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Amputated or Paralyzed Dog
  • Dog after surgery
  • Dogs with other diseases

The package includes:
1*Dog's front/back leg strap, 1*shoulder strap

Shoulder strap size: Length-79 inches, Width-1 inch
Color: Grey

Dog lift harness size:
S: Belly: 17-21” (45-53cm); Weight: 15-28lb (7-13kg);
M: Belly: 21-24” (53-61cm); Weight: 28-48lb (13-21kg);
L: Belly: 24-27”(61-69cm); Weight: 48-72lb(21-33kg);
XL: Belly: 27-31” (69-79cm); Weight: 72-99lb (33-45kg);
Please choose the size according to your pet's body
Color: Red/Blue Plaid

Analysis Of Dressing Steps:

  • Front leg

  • Hind legs