HiFuzzypet Dog Toy Rebound Balls with Hand, Pet Ufo Magic Ball


  • Straps are easy for the dog to retrieve.
  • Can be squashed from a ball to a frisbee.
  • Dog tug of war toy
  • Dog chew toy
  • Dog waterproof toys
  • Dog interactive training ball


Wow! These funny dog ball toys are perfect for us!

Versatile Outdoor Dog Toys: Compliant with safety standards, the dog ball is made of rubber, safe and non-toxic. The dog ball can be used as a frisbee, an interactive training ball, a chew toy, a tug of war toy.

Rebound Frisbee Ball: The outside dog toy can be squashed from a ball to a frisbee. Throw out the toy and the frisbee will bounce back into a sphere by itself during the flight. This product is easy to throw far and high, and the flight is stable.


You will have a happy dog!

Interactive Training Ball: The owner can throw the jolly toy with his hands, or kick it like a soccer ball and let the dog chase and fetch it. It also can be used as a water interactive toy when the dog is swimming outdoors.

Chew Rope Toy: There are many cotton dog chew ropes around the toy, which can stimulate the dog's interest in the playing ball. The owner and the dog each hold one end of the nylon braided rope, which can be used as a tug of war toy.

Dog ball toys help your dog fight boredom and reduce mischievous behavior.

Material: Safe durable rubber + Cotton chew ropes + Nylon braided rope
Color: Pink/Yellow/Blue/Red
Weight: 0.35kg
Package: 1 dog bounce toy ball

In order to prolong the life of this ball toy, rinse it and dry it after playing.