HiFuzzyPet Collapsible Silicone Double Dog Bowl For Travel


With this collapsible dog bowl, you can take your puppy anywhere, hiking, camping, a car traveling, without any worry or hassle.

Double bowl design: Double bowl design, you can put food in one bowl and water in the other, or feed 2 pet friends at the same time, it is very convenient. The bowl can also be adjusted to suit your pet's size.

High quality: The collapsible dog and cat bowl is made of high-quality silicone, which is odorless and safe. Your pet friends can use it with confidence.

Splash-proof and non-slip design: The bottom of the foldable dog bowl contains a base silicone pad to catch food dropped by pets to keep the floor clean. It also prevents the bowl from moving and turning over when the dog eats.

Barrier food column design: Set up barrier teeth, fully extend the feeding time, and prevent pets from eating too fast and causing problems such as vomiting and choking.


Foldable Carry: Silicone Double Dog Bowl Can be pressed to fold, is easy to store, and bonus carabiner clip it or collapse it to your backpack, dog travel crate or dog training leash as you like, portable for anywhere is great for traveling, hiking, camping, and walking.

Easy to clean: These compact puppy and cat food bowls can be rinsed or wiped down directly with water after each use.

Name: Silicone Travel Double Dog Bowl
Material: Silica gel
Color: Gray
Scenario: Daily, traveling, hiking, camping, and walking...


Package Includes:
1 X Collapsible Double Dog Bowl
1 X Carabiner

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