HiFuzzyPet Indoor Cat Interactive Toy, Cat Tracks Tumbler Treat Ball


Are you still worried about going to work by yourself, and your pets at home becoming lazy and obese because they are unaccompanied by sleeping and eating?

You can consider our cat toy interaction, as long as you put a little snack in the cat toy, You can let your pet play for a day, eliminate loneliness and increase the fun

Safety Durable: Made of ABS and PC material safely non-toxic. Has a smooth surface durable, easy to clean. Suitable for pet cats, also dogs.

The Kitten’s Soul Mate: It's a safe and interesting toy for your cat. No battery includes, When you are busy or away from home, It can be there for your cat to play with and feed your kitten.

Interesting Design: This cat toy ball has 3 small balls, a top ball, and two trackballs to attract your pets to play. With a tumbler design, these balls can interact with your pets. A transparent storage tank of the food ball makes your pet find the inside food easily and directly.

Slow Feeding: Adjust the size of the food leakage hole according to your needs. When your pets are playing with this feeder ball, snacks will fall out of the ball. You can use this toy as a slow feeder, which helps your pet to develop a slow-eating habit.

Easy To Operate: cat interactive toys, open can load snacks, in the process of interaction between you and your pet can be added at any time is very convenient, large and round cover can avoid the habit of pet bite, resulting in pet or toy damage

Add Food Steps:

Product Information:

Name: Tumbler Cat Treat Dispenser


Material: middle part transparent PC material, upper cover/inner plate, lower cover PP material, dial ABS material

Weight: 450g


Express package:
1 X Funny Cat Ball
1 X Cover
1 X Transparent Granary
1 X Tumbler Base


1. Due to different measurement methods, 1-3cm error is allowed, and the error range is not a quality problem!

2. Due to the different lighting and display, the color may be different from the picture. Please refer to the real object!

3. Cat Leaking Ball, the maximum diameter of the hole can be adjusted by 2 cm. The added food should be smaller than this diameter. Please put in dry granular food instead of viscous food. 

4. Due to the relatively complete functions and many assembled parts, there may be scattered cases during the logistics, please don't worry, this is not a quality problem, please contact us to assemble the video.