HiFuzzyPet Smiley Face Dog Muzzle with Soft Breathable Air Mesh Nylon


Your furry friend deserves gentle treatment.

Why should buy a dog muzzle?
-Act as a calming tool to prevent any aggressive behavior from dogs.
-To help others alleviate their concern so that they can interact.
-Make it easy for the vet to check your dog and offer protection.
-Easy handling during grooming sessions.
-Prevent dogs from licking and biting at his wounds.
-To stop dogs from eating poisonous substances on walks.

Fun Embroidery Design: Fashionable dog mouth, our funny and cute embroidered smiley muzzle looks very fashionable and attractive.

Comfortable And Breathable: Made of nylon with an inner air mesh layer to eliminate chafing and provide the ultimate comfort for your dog. Soft and light material.

Protection And Safe: This dog muzzle provides a humane way to keep dogs from barking or eating garbage, and there is room for dogs to breathe and drink.

Easy To Wear And Clean: The flexible design keeps the muzzle securely in place. Can easily be secured with a hook. Can be machine washed and laid flat to dry.

Adjustable Size: The adjustable strap connecting to the neck helps to hold the dog muzzle firmly in place, ensuring it is snug and anti-slipped. Not easy to loose.

How to Put on The Muzzle?
1-Before wearing it for the first time, please let the dog smell the muzzle and become familiar with the taste.
2-Touch his nose with the muzzle. Give some snacks to encourage and repeat until he can accept the muzzle.
3-Gently cover the dog's mouth with the muzzle, taking care not to block his eyes.
4-Adjust the elasticity of the Velcro to ensure that the dog can breathe freely and drink water with its tongue out.
5-Loop the strap around the dog's neck and fasten the buckle. Adjust the length to ensure that the mouthpiece does not fall.

How to Choose the Size of the Dog's Muzzle?
Please use soft tape to measure your dog’s snout circumference before ordering.
M-dog's mouth circumference: 6 ¼-7 ½ in (16-19 cm)
L-dog's mouth circumference: 8 ½-9 ½ in (21.5-24.5 cm)
XL-dog's mouth circumference: 12 ¼-13 ½ in (31.5-34.5 cm)

Friendly Suggestion:
Dog muzzle should never be used for an extended period of time (although our soft muzzle is designed for long-lasting comfort while wearing), either in an unsupervised situation or as a form of training.