HiFuzzyPet Soft FLeece Horse Polo Leg Wraps Set of 4


An essential equestrian accessory - polo wraps

Offer a comfortable level of support for a horse's muscles, tendons, and ligaments at the low legs.
Whether for injury support or prevention, they are ideal for keeping limbs warm, limber, and safe from scratches or cuts.


Sturdy and Convenient Velcro Self-Adhesive Tape:
The horse leg wraps are sturdy and easy to use velcro has high self-adhesiveness which can protect sensitive horse tendons and ligaments from dust and debris, thereby avoiding infection and abrasions.

It wraps the horse's legs neatly and keeps the pressure even. Designed to hold the horse bandage firmly in place.

Lightweight and Breathable Structure:
The polo wrap is made of polar fleece fabric, breathable and skin-friendly which helps prevent heat accumulation and great healing.

Elastic support combined with polar fleece makes this horse bandage not only protective but resilient and shock resistant.

horse polo leg wraps details

Easy to Clean & Safe Storage:
The horse polo leg wraps can be washed with water and are reusable. Easy to store in a transparent plastic bag for quick organization, and safe storage.

Perfect Fit Ensures Comfortable Wearing:
These horse polo leg wraps provide great leg support in high-level performances such as competitions or strenuous exercise.

The soft horse leg bandage around difficult-to-tighten contours while maintaining blood circulation and free movement of the horse legs. The adjustable elastic closure strap ensures a precise adjustment.

horse polo leg wraps


Material: Polar fleece

Color: Blue/ Red

Suitable for equestrian performance competition and training

Size: 98.4"*4.7"/ 250*12cm(L*W)

Package Includes: 4 Rolls Horse polo leg wraps

horse polo leg wraps display


1. Hand washable/ Reusable
2. Do not dry

Note: The Polo Wraps are not suited or intended for securing dressings or ice packs for your horse’s legs.