HiFuzzyPet Lightweight Dog Raincoat with Detachable Hat


The raincoat is necessary for pets,s especially those with poor resistance pets.

1. Our raincoat can help to keep pets dry and comfortable in wet weather. 

2. Designed in a clear and bright color to make your dog unique and eye-catching.

3. Protect your dog from cold and rainy weather with a full coverage comfortable raincoat. 

4. The lightweight will not be your pet's burden and keep your dogs feeling light and comfortable on rainy days.


【Waterproof Outdoor Material】Our dog raincoat‘s outer fabric with excellent waterproof, windproof, and snow defense ability which is durable, breathable, and safe to meet any outdoor environment. It will keep your pets dry and clean even in bad weather conditions. 

【Harness Hole】The dog raincoat has a hidden hole that is thoughtfully designed on the back for the dog collar and harness. Let's you attach a leash to a collar worn underneath the raincoat, so you can walk the dog easily.

【Extra Long Magic Sticker】For ease of use the magic sticker fastenings have been placed on the whole back which is convenient to wear. And the button closure ensures comfort and fit which prevents your dog from tearing his clothes while jumping. It's easy to put on and take off.

【Detachable Hat】The dog raincoat's hat is detachable and comes with a rope that can be tightened in strong winds. On rainy days, it will provide complete and comfortable head protection for your pet. 

【Full Coverage Design and Perfect Fit】Four-leg raincoat that features a specially engineered elastic band all around every sleeve for a uniform and customizable fit that conforms to the body while preventing water from entering.

【Pee Hole】For the male dogs, you can cut the pee hole so that the male dogs can pee. The female can remain it and does not affect the dog's pee and poop.


【Easy to Carry】The dog raincoat can be foldable for easy storage and take-out which allows you to take it anywhere and then unfolds it easily when you need it.


Material: Premium outdoor PU clothing material

Color: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Camouflage Pink, Camouflage

1. Use a wrung-out wet cloth to wipe the surface and let it dry naturally.
2. Please don't expose it to intense sunlight. 

Size Guidance:

Size: Chest Length Back length Neck circumference Suit for weight
XXS 16.5"/42cm 12.6"/32cm 12.6"/32cm 5.5-7.7 pound
XS 17.7"/45cm 14.2"/36cm 13.4"/34cm 7.7-12.1 pound
S 20.9"/53cm 15.7"/40cm 15.0"/38cm 11-16.5 pound
M 22.8"/58cm 17.3"/44cm 15.7"/40cm 16.5-22 pound
L 24.8"/63cm 22.0"/56cm 17.3"/44cm 22-27.6 pound
XL 26.8"/68cm  23.6"/60cm 18.9"/48cm 27.6-33.1 pound
2XL 29.9"/76cm 24.8"/63cm 20.5"/52cm 33.1-44.1 pound
3XL 33.1"/84cm 27.2"/69cm 22.0"/56cm 44.1-55.1 pound
4XL 34.6"/88cm 28.7"/73cm 24.8"/63cm 55.1-77.2 pound
5XL 40.6"/103cm 30.7"/78cm 27.6"/70cm 77.2-110 pound

If your dog has a large chest, long hair, or at the high end of the size, you may order the large size to ensure a comfortable fit. 

Package Includes:

1*Dog Raincoat