HiFuzzyPet Multifunction Plastic Cat Litter Scoop Dustpan Kit



1. The combination of shovel + dustpan container is convenient for centralized disposal of waste sand.

2. The shovel tip adopts a semi-curved tip design which makes it easy to cut into the cat litter.

3. Standing storage. It is convenient to put it in every corner of the home.

 Easily clean litter with a litter spoon for cats


Convenient & Durable - The cat litter scoop is made of durable HIPS material which is strong enough to reach the bottom of the litter box and pick up clumps easily. The handle and spoon are integrated designs that are not easy to break when used repeatedly.
Also, The cat litter scoop's surface is smooth and easy to wash, reducing the growth of bacteria, and dries quickly.

Lightweight & High Efficiency - This cat litter scoop set totals 8.1 ounces which are lightweight and easy to use without hitting a blow. Also, the handle is solid, which is strong and labor-saving to hold. Make your daily work easy.

high-quality cat litter scoop details

Multifunctional Design - This cat litter scoop consists of a cat litter scoop and dustpan. You can shovel the cat litter into the dustpan first to prevent it from falling on the ground during the shoveling process. Keeps the entire litter area clean.

Vertical placement -  Two spoons can be overlapped and placed vertically. Space saving, clean and beautiful.

Ideal for Sifting Cat Litter - This cat litter scoop with large capacity containers, a deep scoop allows the litter to be quickly caked, and the 8mm hole spacing is suitable for various types of cat litter.

2 in 1 cat litter scoop suit for all kinds of  litter

Use Step:

1. Remove caked cat litter.
2. Pour the cat litter from the shovel into the dustpan container.
3. Unified cleaning to prevent cat litter from falling on the way.

cat litter scoop use step


Material: Plastic (HIPS)

Size: 3.46"*4.72"*12.99"/ 8.8*12*33cm (L*W*H)

Color: Blue, Red, Green

Maintain: Washed with water

Package Includes:

1* Cat Litter Scoop
1* Cat Litter Container

 cat litter scoop display