HiFuzzyPet 2 Pcs Quiet Ears for Dogs, Dog Happy Hoodie Calming Cap


Quiet ears for dogs can keep your pet calm when they need a bath and grooming, nail clipping, teeth brushing or hair drying. It is your essential pet helper.

Dog ears cover is the ideal grooming tool to calm your pet and protect them from noise, so both the dog and the groomer feel safe.


 【Comfortable Material】The dog-ear covers are made of cationic and spandex material, which are soft and elastic, with good elasticity, not easy to deform, comfortable and warm for pets to wear and easy to put on and take off.

【Noise Protection】Dog calming cap can be worn comfortably around your pet's neck without putting pressure on your pet's ears and can block some noise, calm your dog down, and provide good protection for your pet's ears.

【Grooming Assistant】 When grooming, the noise made by the machine will make your puppy nervous and flustered, and it cannot cooperate well with you. You can use quiet ears for dogs to help your puppy cover his ears to reduce noise. Even sensitive dogs will be impressed with this dog ear cover.

【Ear and Neck Warmer】It can protect your dog's ears from the wind and also keep your pet's ears and neck warm in winter. Perfect for your dog to wear for hiking and camping trips and other outdoor activities in winter or cold weather.

【Wide Applications】These pet quiet ears can be used for dog and cat bathing, they can reduce the chance of water getting into the pet's ears, and at the same time avoid pet panic, can also be used for dog grooming, hairdressing, they are a good helper for pet bathing, help Keep your puppy calm.



Material: 90% Cationic, 10% Spandex
Color: purple, blue
S   Head circle: 25-40cm/10-16 inch      height: 17cm/6.7 inch
M  Head circle: 30-45cm/12-18 inch      height: 20cm/7.9 inch
L    Head circle: 40-65cm/16-26 inch      height: 25cm/10 inch
Package includes: 2*Dog Ears Cover

When to use it?

  • Generally, it is suitable for protection from wind and cold.
  • For dog anxiety, such as weaning, post-surgery, separation, etc.
  • Fear of strangers such as vets, new visitors, etc.
  • Fear of new environments, such as moving to a new home, traveling, veterinary hospitals, etc.
  • Suitable for severe weather such as thunderstorms, lightning, hurricanes, snowstorms, etc.
  • Suitable for noise interference, such as vacuum cleaners, decoration noise, fireworks, etc.


Instructions for use:

1. Soothe your pet's emotions and calm him down.
2. Gently wear this pet ear cover around its neck.
3. Gently pull up on the dog‘s calming ear cover and extend it so that it just covers the pet's head.

Tips: If your dog has not worn dog ear covers before, some dogs may show rejection or resistance when they are first used. At this point, please reassure and calm down your dog first, and be patient enough when trying to wear it again