HiFuzzyPet Adjustable Weight Pulling Sledding Harness for Dogs


This dog sledding harness is perfect for all pulling activities and types of dog exercise and, in particular, for dog sledding, dog trekking, skijoring, bikejoring, and so on.

dog sledding harness a new choice for walking dogs


Safe & Durable: The X Back dog harness design provides an even distribution of pressure, stabilizes, supports, protects the back, and trains the back muscles. The laterally free chest area promotes completely free breathing. In the neck area, it fits snugly without constricting under tension and provides a stable fit.

Designed for wolf-like dog breeds, and in particular for purebred Nordic dogs such as the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute, and Greenland dogs.

the X Back dog harness design provides an even distribution of pressure

Chest and Abdomen Design: The force-bearing surface of the front chest is designed with a mesh pad, comfortable and breathable. The webbing on both sides will not affect the front and rear legs. And the dog urinates normally.

High-Quality: The dog sledding harness pulls harness made with breathable padding provides perfect heat dissipation for maximum performance.

Also, the extra padded chest part with a smooth and water-repellent surface protects fur and skin and prevents friction and hair loss. The reflective strap provides safe.

breathable & lightweight dog sledding harness details

Strengths of this dog sledding harness:

Strong and durable harness
Precise fit to dog's body
Waterproof material
3 colors to choose from
Reflective strips for safety
Ideal harness for sports activities

Size Guide: (Keep the dog stand up)

dog sledding harness size chart

Size Chest Girth Neck Girth Back Length Suitable Weight
M 19.7"-27.6" 11.4"-15.7" 18.9"-22.4" 22-38.6lbs
L 23.6"-31.5" 15"-18.9" 19.7"-25.2" 33.1-66.1lbs
XL 27.6"-35.4" 18.1"-21.3" 21.7"-26" 66.1-88.2lbs
2XL 31.5"-39.4" 21.3"-25.2" 23.6"-28.7" 88.2-110lbs
3XL 35.4"-43.3" 25.2"-29.1" 24.8"-30" 99.2-121.3lbs

Neck Girth: Measure the lower part of the neck where the neck and the shoulders meet.
Chest Circumference: Measure the circumference of the chest around the rib cage.
Back Length: Measure from the dog's shoulders all the way down to the beginning of the tail.

Since every dog has a different breed and shape, the weight is only indicative and it's strongly suggested to measure as the guideline.

Package Includes: 1* Perfect-Fit Dog Sledding Harness

perfect-fit sledding harness for middle large dogs